What’s Behind Taser Gun’s Success Defending Product Liability Lawsuits?

Came across this interesting article on Law.com that analyzes the legal arguments behind the success of Taser Gun International – makers of the well-known electronic stun guns – defending product liability lawsuits. According to Taser, it has never lost a lawsuit. Most recently, the company won two summary judgment motions dismissing plaintiffs’ claims in product liability lawsuits in the West Virginia federal court in Martinsburg and in Arizona state court in Maricopa County (Molina v. Stanley, Civ. Action No. 3:06-CV-79 (N.D. W. Va.) and Bellemore v. Taser International Inc., Arizona Super. Ct., Maricopa Co).

The article reviews each of the claims asserted by the plaintiff in the Molina case, and the defenses raised by Taser in its successful motion for summary judgment. It seems the primary defect in the plaintiff’s case was a failure to produce expert testimony to support the claims asserted. See the full article at the link above for a complete analysis.