The Inspiring Story of One Spinal Cord Injury Victim’s Remarkable Recovery

Found this inspiring story of the remarkable recovery of spinal cord injury victim Duane Morrow who through sheer grit and determination has, with the help of an intensive physical therapy program at Atlanta’s Shepherd Center, gone from being a quadriplegic unable to care for himself to riding horses, playing golf and competing in national wheelchair races.  He has gone from being unable to lift his right foot to elevating it 12 inches.

Morrow has benefited from some of the latest technology in rehabilitative medicine, such as the small wireless device device on his right leg, a $5,900 piece of equipment called the Bioness NESS L30, that helps him walk.

We hope Morrow’s story inspires other individuals who have suffered spinal cord injury with a sense of optimism about their ability to improve their condition over time with support from family and appropriate medical interventions and therapeutic care.