Tips on Fireworks Safety

At the start of this Oregon fireworks sales season, it’s a good time for a reminder on the safety basics of fireworks use.  Last year, there were 117 reported fireworks-related fires in Oregon, resulting in more than $1.6 million in property damage. In the past five years there were over 1,000 reported fireworks-related fires in Oregon, tragically resulting in one death, 62 serious injuries, and nearly $5 million in property damage.

The Office of State Fire Marshal advises you to remember the “four B's” of safe fireworks use:
 - Be Prepared before lighting fireworks: keep water available by using a garden hose or bucket
 - Be Safe when lighting fireworks: keep children and pets a safe distance away
 - Be Responsible after lighting fireworks: never relight a dud, and after 20 minutes soak in a bucket of water before disposal.
 - Be Aware and use only legal purchased fireworks in an allowed area

You can review more fireworks safety tips here.