Top 6 Stuffed Animal Safety Issues

Who doesn't love giving a plush stuffed animal to a young child? Kids' faces light up when they hug these critters. And with the holiday season on its way, these toys are probably on your list as a gift giving idea.

But as adults, we need to be mindful of safety issues involving stuffed animals, which can pose choking, laceration, suffocation and allergy hazards.

Here's a checklist of stuffed animal safety issues to watch out for, courtesy of "What To":

  • Steer clear of features made of buttons, beads, or other small objects that could fall (or be chewed) off and end up in a baby's mouth.
  • Check ears, paws, tails to ensure the toy is wire-free. Wires that poke through can injure a young child.
  • Avoid any toy that is stringy (longer than six inches)
  • Check to make sure no stuffing is falling out
  • Stuffed toys collect dust mites, which can seriously aggravate allergies and asthma. To minimize mites, launder and dry the toy, then put it in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight.
  • Don't give stuffed animals to young babies in cribs – they pose a suffocation hazard.