Study Links Flomax Use to Cataract Surgery Complications

As reported on the ophthalmology blog, EyeDocNews, a recent study has shown that that taking tamsulosin (a drug better known as Flomax) for certain prostate conditions within two weeks of cataract surgery poses an increased risk of serious postoperative complications.

Specifically, according to researcher Chaim Bell, M.D., Ph.D., of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, and colleagues, patients who filled a prescription for Flomax shortly before cataract surgery were 2.33 times more likely to receive postoperative treatment for retinal detachment, lost lens or fragment, or endophthalmitis than men with no exposure to the drug.

If you or a loved has been taking Flomax and experienced complications after cataract surgery, the medication error lawyers at our Portland offices can help you evaluate your legal options.