What does a personal injury attorney do?

What does a personal injury attorney do? We represent people who have been seriously injured, have lost their jobs, and can’t afford to pay their medical bills. That’s what we do. We interview you, witnesses, expert witnesses, medical providers, and conduct research to present your case in the best light to maximize the recovery for you. In addition to your attorney, it’s important for you to bring the expertise of other people to the case. You’ve got to bring experts at accident reconstruction. You’ve got to bring experts with human factors, and that means studying the way humans react to certain things. The medical professionals are critical. You need to bring those types of experts to the case. And so you gather all of this information from these various different experts and, from that, the personal injury attorney puts together the case, the case that will eventually go to trial, or the case that is made to present to the insurance company to settle the case.