With Nation Covered in Snow, Sled Safety No Laughing Matter

As of last week, all but one U.S. state had snow on the ground.  For kids, an unusually snowy winter means an extended and more prolific sledding season.  Sledding usually takes a back seat to skiing and snowboarding when it comes to the winter recreation safety discussion.  However, statistics show sledding carries plenty of risk.  A recent report indicates nearly 30,000 sled injuries occur each year.  A high percentage of sled incidents involve traumatic brain injuries, such as the kind you might see on a football field, and many involve young children.  Experts say one easy step to cut down on the severity of injuries is to always sled with a helmet.  They also encourage people to be mindful of their surroundings.  Many injuries occur as a result of collisions with obstacles and other people.


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